About Dan Brummel

Dan BrummelDan Brummel is accustomed to doing things his way, and that's great news for his clients at Capilia Madison.

It started with Winner's Circle.

Dan's career started in the Navy, and after a 3-year apprenticeship he branched out on his first entrepreneurial venture. He served all clients personally from early in the morning to late into the night from his one-chair studio in Watertown, Wisconsin. That salon was known as Beau Brummel Hair Designs. His second salon opened a few years later, Hair Expressions, and in 1994 Dan opened Winners Circle Hair Replacement here in Madison, now known as Capilia.

Change came April 1, 1994.

Dan was always intrigued by hair restoration, but it wasn't until April 1, 1994 that he formally changed the focus of his salon. He's dedicated his time to solving hair loss problems ever since, and it's been such a rewarding experience that he regards April 1st as an unofficial holiday. Dan established himself as a forerunner in the field of hair replacement by maintaining a close relationship and clear lines of communication with his clients. Always open to feedback, he constantly adjusts his techniques and pursues education to incorporate new developments.

Capilia brought the studio full circle.

Traditional Hair Restoration never sat quite right with Dan. It seemed like the whole industry was preoccupied with adding hair artificially. No one was giving hair and scalp health the attention it deserved. In his search for more natural answers to hair loss, he discovered Capilia, which at the time was only located in Canada. Dan embraced Capilia's commitment to Trichology and built from it a holistic approach to hair restoration. His was the first studio in the United States to become a Capilia affiliate, and he's been delighting clients with real results ever since.

Dan keeps it all together.

It's Dan's vision that makes Capilia Madison a great place to work, receive treatment, or just visit. You can bring a friend to our studio for support or enjoy complete confidentiality. Whatever makes you feel comfortable is what matters to our team. If you're still feeling skeptical about your hair loss and don't know what to do, talk to Dan. He'll get you the answers you need.



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