Dan, I wanted to let you know that I just love my new wig.

Dan, I wanted to let you know that I just love my new wig. When I came to see you about a wig, I told you I wanted something that looked natural. I didn't want people to know I had a wig on. You did just that. I came in on a Monday. I tried on about four wigs. I knew right away that I wanted the first one I tried on. It was my natural color and I could style it closest to the way I wore my hair. I went to work the next day and styled it a little bit different than how I usually wore my hair. People were coming up to me all day and telling me how nice my hair looked. They told me I looked 20 years younger. I am 70 years old, so that made me feel really good. My own children and grandchildren don't even know I have a wig on.

My hair started thinning when I was about 50 years old. It was gradual, but soon I could see scalp showing when I styled my hair. So I started using a colored hair spray. I would tease my hair and spray between the teasing. As it got thinner and thinner, I also used a powdered hair product that was to make that hair look thicker and I used a thickening shampoo. I did this for 20 years. My hair still kept getting thinner. For years, I also went to different doctors and dermatologists. Nobody could find anything wrong with me. They told me to take many different vitamins and supplements but nothing helped. Through the years, I also bought hair pieces and wigs from catalogs. Nothing looked good. Shortly after my 70th birthday, I told my husband we were going to Capilia and I was going to get fitted for a wig. He was all for that. He knew I was getting frustrated with my hair. We came in. I bought a great wig. I'm still getting many compliments on my hair. I've never been happier. No one to this day, except my husband and daughter, know I wear a wig. It was a wish come true!




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  • I feel great out in public and I am not self-conscious about my thinning hair anymore! My family and friends could not believe how natural it looked. I look good and I feel good. It took me a long time to take this step. I tried so many other products and wasted so much money. What I have now is so natural and like my own hair. I don't ever regret the decision – it gave me my life back.


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