FDA Approves IGrow Laser
04 / 07 / 15

FDA Approves IGrow Laser for Hair Growth Claim Now for Men and Women

The US Food and Drug Association (FDA) has recently given approval for the over-the-counter sales for iGROW Laser hair growth system for women's hair loss. This comes after approval for claims for men's hair loss was given in September, 2014.

Equipped with low level, red laser diodes and medical-grade LED's, the iGROW laser claims to increase hair count without side effects. It is proven effective for women whose hair loss patterns fall under Ludwig Baldness Scale classification I-II and Fitzpatrick skin phototypes I - IV.

The FDA has approved over-the-counter sales of iGROW in-home, hands-free laser device for men and women and not needing a medical prescription. Perfect for use in your home.

While laser therapy has grown in popularity, it's success rate is limited to certain types of hair loss patterns. And, it must be used consistently each week for 4 months to achieve recognizable results. To get a better understanding if you are a candidate, Capilia Madison offers you a free, microscopic scalp and hair analysis that will help evaluate your hair loss situation.

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