Men's Hair Loss Solutions

Capilia Madison takes a holistic approach to correcting hair loss. Each individual client receives treatment according to a carefully planned and personalized treatment program. Your program is based on the results you want to see, the solutions you're interested in exploring, your budget, your lifestyle, and your unique hair loss. Depending on the details identified in your initial consultation, we might suggest any combination of the solutions you see here, and maybe some you don't.

You want to keep your natural hair. We're here to make it happen. Capilia's exclusive computer-assisted hair loss prevention program pinpoints without question…
If you're a good laser therapy candidate, we'll connect you with the in-office or at-home program that works best for your lifestyle and…
How is your relationship with your scalp? If you've been neglecting or ignoring your scalp's needs, it could get your attention by contributing…
Kamitek is camouflage that instantly increases hair density to cover areas where hair is thinning. Natural, vegan hair microfibers bond to your existing…
Noninvasive micro-thin hair grafting is the answer to affordable, pain-free hair loss for a new generation. This completely flexible and customizable system adds…
Our Head First Program is a 3-step treatment plan for resolving scalp conditions that contribute to men's hair loss. Based on a dedicated…

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