Hair Loss Prevention Program

You want to keep your natural hair. We're here to make it happen. Capilia's exclusive computer-assisted hair loss prevention program pinpoints without question the best solution for you as an individual.

When it comes to thinning hair, hair loss prevention is what everyone wants. It should be the first step in every single treatment plan. Even if stopping the hair loss isn't possible – like when it's caused by a planned medical treatment – it should still be considered so that time without hair can be minimized and hair and scalp comfort can be maximized. Since Capilia Madison takes a trichology approach to correcting hair loss, you can rest easy knowing that we're considering factors related to both your hair and your scalp every step of the way.

Computer Assisted Analysis

We could physically count the number of hairs you have in each stage of growth, but we think our time is better spent designing and executing solutions. Hair Loss Prevention at Capilia Madison is different from any other prevention program in the Madison region. Not only do we take your scalp into account, but we also leverage technology whenever it will get us better results. When it comes to hair-loss prevention, big results are built upon microscopic details. In order to get impressive changes in your hair that you can actually see, we first have to succeed on the level that can't be detected by the naked eye. That's where computer-assisted analysis comes in.

The Basics and Beyond

At some clinics, hair loss prevention is simply a concept that gets thrown around. At Capilia Madison, it's a unique and very specific system that includes analysis, diagnosis, treatment, evaluation, and tweaking. We cover the basics to give you every possible tool for fighting hair loss, but we don't stop with the easy stuff. Every step of the way, we measure results to verify the direction we're taking or change what's not working. All this attention to detail adds accountability to a process that, at too many studios, no one takes personal responsibility for.

Prevention matters here.

We know that your best outcome is to keep your natural hair, and to keep as much of it growing as possible. Our mission is to make that possible, and we take it very seriously. Prevention doesn't work for everyone, but aiming for it from the get-go certainly does. You can trust the team at Capilia Madison to take your prevention seriously.



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  • I love that I look younger and have more confidence. The hair I have is better than my original hair. I love my look. I don't feel old, so why look old. If you have the money to spend and you are losing hair, there is no reason to not at least try hair restoration – see if you like it.


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