How is your relationship with your scalp? If you've been neglecting or ignoring your scalp's needs, it could get your attention by contributing to your hair loss.

We're Trichologoically consistent.

Trichology is the branch of dermatology that deals with scalp conditions. If you explore many pages of our site, you'll find that this is a theme throughout everything that we do at Capilia Madison. It stands to reason that anyone caring for your hair would take notice of your scalp. The truth is, not all hair-loss correction takes the scalp, or even the health of your hair, into account. In fact, ignoring everything but the appearance of hair itself is pretty much the norm.

What it Changes

We want to leverage every opportunity to address simple, biological issues with natural solutions. Many scalp ailments and factors that contribute to hair loss can be treated and resolved if they're just given the proper treatment. Still, plenty of clinics go straight to the hair shaft or adding new hair and bypass the actual problem that's causing hair loss. Promoting scalp health is part of every single program, for every single client at Capilia Madison.

We start with the scalp.

Ultimately, we're here to serve you and to make you happy. We'd like for you to leave our studio feeling ecstatic. For that to happen, we need to give you more. We became a Capilia affiliate studio – the first in the country, actually – because every one of our hair loss specialists believes that Trichology is the way to achieve that. We've been considering the scalp first and including scalp analysis in our consultation for nearly 20 years now. Everything we've seen in that time confirms that the scalp plays an active roll in determining the health and longevity of hair.

Trichology for All

Even if Trichology can't solve your hair-loss problem, we will still treat your scalp problem. You can't have healthy hair without a healthy scalp. When it comes to hair, the scalp is where all the action happens. This so-often-neglected skin is responsible for growing, nourishing, supporting, and holding on to all your hair. Giving it some TLC in the interest of benefiting your hair is never a bad thing!



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