Kamitek Hair Microfibers

Kamitek is camouflage that instantly increases hair density to cover areas where hair is thinning. Natural, vegan hair microfibers bond to your existing hair and stay put until your next shower.

Instantly hide your hair loss.

Fixing hair loss the natural way takes time, effort, and dedication. Getting on a clear path to resolving your hair and scalp issues starts with getting to the root of the problem, and then your program still has to be executed! Along the way, it would be nice to do something about the thinning hair that people can already see. Sometimes all you need is a little camouflage.

A Modern Cosmetic Hair Solution

At Capilia Madison, we don't even work with products that don't look real when they're on your head. Our Hair Fibers are related to sprays and oils that hide your hair loss, but they're on a whole other level. Kamitek is made up of tiny, precisely matched fibers that bond to your hair electromagnetically. There's no adhesive or residue because the fibers bond naturally to the hair shaft. They won't fall out, stain your clothes, or run when it rains. You can count on Kamitek to stay put until you wash your hair. Even someone who gets up close and personal won't be able to tell.

Results You can Count On

Kamitek works by adhering to hair shafts and thickening your hair. This dramatically increases coverage and minimizes the amount of scalp that can be seen through spots of thinning hair. The formula is completely safe and 100% plant based, so it can be used reliably by anyone, anytime and anywhere. It's a great way to add guaranteed coverage to any hair system or hair loss prevention plan.

Only at Capilia Affiliate Studios

If our Kamitek Hair Fibers sound like a solution you'd like to try, just schedule a one-on-one consultation with a hair loss specialist at Capilia Madison. No other studio in the area can offer them. You might find that we have more than one quick, easy, and affordable solution for your hair loss!



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  • I love that I look younger and have more confidence. The hair I have is better than my original hair. I love my look. I don't feel old, so why look old. If you have the money to spend and you are losing hair, there is no reason to not at least try hair restoration – see if you like it.


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