Virtuoso Micro Thin Hair Graft

Noninvasive micro-thin hair grafting is the answer to affordable, pain-free hair loss for a new generation. This completely flexible and customizable system adds new hair at exactly the pace and density you need to restore full coverage on your terms. We give you the resources to maintain your hair for the long term and you gain the peace of mind that, even if your hair loss continues, we've got you covered.

Virtuoso is the ultimate non-surgical hair restoration system for men at Capilia Madison. Designed to offer complete wraparound service, this program delivers instant hair loss correction that keeps you looking your best every day.

The Non-Surgical Hair Graft

Today's leading technologies for adding hair combine the completely custom, guaranteed results of hair restoration surgery with the comfort and affordability of non-surgical systems. The Virtuoso system starts with the finest synthetic and human hair options available in the world. Once you've chosen the color, texture, and style of your replacement hair, we design a hairline and pattern of placement according to your desired results.

An Incredible Surgery Alternative

The element that makes this system superior to other hair restoration systems is its micro-thin, completely transparent membrane. Instead of creating incisions in your scalp to transplant follicular units, your new hair is embedded in this membrane. There's no pain, no recovery, no anesthesia, and no scarring. The results are more customizable and easier to adjust than even surgical Follicular Unit Transplantation.

The choice is yours.

Only you can decide whether surgery or a non-surgical system is right for you. At Capilia Madison, you'll get all the answers you need to make an informed decision. When you're happy with your hair again, we've been successful. Until that day, you can count on us for valuable, trustworthy resources.



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