Infinite Micro Follicular Hair Transplant Program

Infinite is our way of making sure your natural hair continues to grow for a lifetime. Tiny grafts of hair are strategically removed from parts of the scalp where follicles aren't sensitive to DHT. Our expert surgeons implant them with precision in areas of loss, according to your hair's natural growth pattern. A new hairline is created and all traces of the procedure virtually disappear.

For a micro follicular hair transplant (FUT), there's no better surgeon than a Capilia surgeon. Only Capilia ensures that your hair restoration surgeon is not only qualified, but also certified in Trichology. Our surgeons are the best-equipped specialists in the industry to address problems with and healing of the scalp.

Why do people prefer surgical hair restoration?

The right answer to hair loss is a very personal decision, and every factor depends on the individual. Some perfect candidates for surgery would never have it, and others aren't able even though they want to. In order to have a micro follicular hair transplant, you must have enough existing donor hair still growing.

How FUT Works

A follicular unit is a tiny natural grouping of hairs that grow together. During the FUT procedure, the surgeon removes carefully selected follicular units from an area of the scalp that's not predisposed to hair loss. One by one, he makes tiny incisions and transplants each individual hair graft. In the past, the procedure has required repeat visits. Today, Capilia surgeons are able to complete a restoration in a single visit, with results that reveal no scars or signs of the procedure.

Expect Capilia to deliver surgery differently.

When you choose a micro follicular hair transplant, you have lots of providers to choose from. We do things differently by caring for your hair and scalp from your very first consultation until the first hair cut after your transplant. We're here to deliver transformation and happiness along with great hair. The atmosphere in our studio was designed to be comfortable, calming, peaceful, and private. You'll enjoy the benefits of a fully comprehensive approach that takes your physical and psychological wellbeing into consideration. You will be accompanied at every stage of treatment by talented surgeons, technicians, and hair replacement experts who will look after your every need.


The reliability of results from the FUT procedure makes it a go-to option for fighting persistent hair loss. The surgeon's incredible precision gives you the ability to help design your results before the procedure. The planning stage includes a careful reimagining of your hairline, and your opinion is taken into account in every decision and design choice. Everything about your new hair can be customized based on the density, coverage, and pattern you want.


You can expect to have input in where we'll be placing your hair grafts, but precision is also vital in how they are implanted. Natural appearance will make or break the success of a hair restoration, and that's determined by the tiniest details. When it comes to placement, proximity to other follicular units matters.
The angle at which the implanted hair extends from the scalp is also extremely important. You can trust your Capilia surgeon to be deliberate in placing each individual hair graft. Our surgeons have the expertise to carefully consider every detail of your hair – pattern of loss, natural growth pattern, hairline, hair & skin color, density & volume, and likelihood of future loss.


The best thing about a follicular unit transplant is that it's guaranteed to work. We're simply replacing your own miniaturized or dead hair follicles with ones that are still healthy and growing. Because androgenetic alopecia affects different follicles differently, unaffected follicles can be reliably expected not to suffer damage from DHT.

Surgery is a big decision, and one that should be made with the help and insight of a hair loss professional. To find out for sure whether you're a candidate for a micro follicular hair transplant, schedule your initial assessment at Capilia Madison. We'll evaluate your hair loss, give you real options, and put you in the most capable hands in the industry.



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