Head First Program

Our Head First Program is a 3-step treatment plan for resolving scalp conditions that contribute to men's hair loss. Based on a dedicated branch of dermatology, our approach pinpoints ailments that other studios can overlook. By considering the health of your hair and scalp first, we are better equipped to isolate what's causing your hair loss and resolve or reverse it.

Head First sums up the Capilia Madison approach beautifully. In fact, it could easily be the name of our studio! Head First is actually just the formal name for our process of recording, analyzing, and adjusting conditions in your hair and scalp before and throughout your hair loss correction program.

Head First Product LineAs the only full-service hair restoration team in Madison, we're here for you before, during, and after your treatment for hair loss or thinning hair. One thing we give you that other studios won't is a Trichology-focused approach. This specialization in hair and scalp health is a branch of dermatology, and each member of the Capilia team is certified. By considering your hair and scalp as a single system, we're able to resolve scalp problems that make you lose more hair.

Every personalized Head First Program has 3 components.

Advanced Hardware

Head First Logo 2018The key to our Head First Program is the microscopic camera that gives us a crystal-clear view of your scalp and each hair shaft. It's only by magnifying the details that we're able to identify which stage of growth each hair is in. That's vital because the stage of growth an individual hair is in completely determines whether it has the potential to grow or can be expected to fall out.

Assessment Technology

This innovative system turns thousands of measurements into meaningful data. Better yet, it stores all of your cumulative details securely to give us an understanding of what changes between treatments. If laser therapy is working but can't be seen visually yet, we can give you a glimpse. If your program isn't getting the results we'd hoped for, we can change course and eliminate wasted time and money.

Unique Software

Information is only powerful if you can use it! Our Head First software goes beyond the details of your hair and scalp to identify likely problems and real solutions. The system compares your (completely confidential and protected) data to a database of factors to identify conditions and options that the human eye could miss. While we trust our specialists completely, we hope that relying on their expertise plus the security of this system gives you added peace of mind. If there's a better solution out there for your hair loss, we're going to find it.

We can't do it without you.

Our Head First Program is just one way that we serve individuals on a very personal, one-on-one level. We have the tools to fight hair loss, but we can't make it happen without you. Don't let your hair thin or shed for one more day. Isolate your problem and start taking action now!



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