Simplicity Durable Hair Replacement System

Simplicity is instant hair loss correction that gives men guaranteed results. The system makes use of the most advanced technologies in hair and engineering to create a perfectly natural hairline and durable, undetectable results. Simplicity, simply put, is the easy answer to hair loss.

What could be simpler?

Capilia's Simplicity system is the most straightforward and reliable instant hair-loss correction method on the market.

Using the most sophisticated non-surgical products and techniques ever developed by Capilia, Simplicity offers peace of mind and complete customization. With this system, every unit of additional hair is strategically placed to replicate the growth and trajectory of your growing hair. Simplicity can be used to restore a full head of hair or just to fill out a few areas of thinning. Best of all, your new hair will evolve as your hair loss progresses or changes.

A Complete Solution

We use the word "durable" to describe the Simplicity system because nothing can interfere with the results. If your hair loss progresses, we can strategically add more hair. If your hair grows back, we can remove some of the additions. There are no fragile parts that can break or give away your secret. The transparent system is completely invisible! Beyond just providing full coverage, simplicity gives us the opportunity to make the most of your existing hair while fighting future hair loss.

If you're ready for a simple hair-loss solution, schedule your consultation at Capilia Madison. We'll find the right way to get real results for you.



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  • I love that I look younger and have more confidence. The hair I have is better than my original hair. I love my look. I don't feel old, so why look old. If you have the money to spend and you are losing hair, there is no reason to not at least try hair restoration – see if you like it.


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