Ultratress Ultralinks Hair Extensions

Ultralinks are hair extensions that attach in a totally unique way. We use them because they provide a safe and gentle way to add highlights, lowlights, length, and style. The customization options are endless, and the results are undetectable.

Since all of our female clients have unique hair loss experiences, it's important that we offer unique and diverse options for preventing hair loss and adding new hair. Ultralinks gives us that opportunity with a gentle attachment option that's unlike any other extension or integration on the market. We use them to fill out thinning areas, enhance flat hair, and add length without causing damage to naturally growing hair.

Endless Combinations & Possibilities

The Ultralinks system uses ultra-high-quality Ultratress extensions, which come in 30 different natural and interesting color variations. The unique attachment method lets us add highlights, lowlights, and dramatic transitions in any density and pattern you can think of. They're attached with a strand-by-strand looping method, so they can be used just about anywhere that existing hair remains.

Ultralinks works for...

Our stylists can work wonders with Ultralinks for our female clients who are in the early stages of hair loss or who have a good deal of existing hair still in place. They harmlessly add length, volume, and style option, even on fine and damaged hair.



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  • I feel great out in public and I am not self-conscious about my thinning hair anymore! My family and friends could not believe how natural it looked. I look good and I feel good. It took me a long time to take this step. I tried so many other products and wasted so much money. What I have now is so natural and like my own hair. I don't ever regret the decision – it gave me my life back.


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