Hair Loss Prevention Program

There are lots of things you can do to prevent hair loss. Our system is designed to pinpoint the ones that will work in your individual situation. We collect precise information about your hair and scalp, and a sophisticated computer program analyzes the data to verify exactly what's going on with your hair and what solutions will get results. Any specialist can make sure you know the common ways to prevent hair loss, but only Capilia can offer this revolutionary new technology.

Of all the solutions we can offer you at Capilia Madison, hair loss prevention is the most important. More than anything else, women want to stop thinning hair and restore health, vibrancy, and volume. Because it's an opportunity to address hair loss naturally and affordably, we take prevention a step further. Our trichology approach to correcting hair loss ensures that we're considering all the factors that impact your hair and your scalp every step of the way.

Computer Assisted Analysis

Precision is key when isolating the cause of hair loss and assessing your potential for regrowth. Our microscopic camera gives us a crystal-clear view of your scalp and each individual hair shaft. By honing in on the details, we can identify which stage of growth each hair is in. This is vital because these stages determine whether it has the potential to grow or can be expected to fall out. Your results can be realistically projected, and we can even show them to you with the help of this unique computer-based program.

Assessment Technology

Our assessment system turns hundreds of measurements and details into data that we can put to work. We never have to guess at or estimate your results. The technology stores all of your information securely and gives us a clear picture of what changes have occurred between treatments. The proof is immediately available, and it allows us to make better decisions as you move through your personalized program.

Unique Software

The Head First software doesn't just help us grow hair. It identifies hair and skin conditions, along with real solutions. The system compares your (completely confidential and protected) data against countless factors to identify treatment opportunities that the human eye could miss. While we trust our highly skilled specialists, we hope that relying on their expertise plus the security of this system gives you added peace of mind. If there's a better solution for your hair loss, we'll find it.

Prevention is key.

We know that your best outcome is to restore and keep your natural, growing hair. We do everything possible to make that happen, and we take your opinion very seriously. Prevention doesn't stop hair loss for everyone, but it always has benefits. You can trust the team at Capilia Madison to take the best steps for protecting your hair.



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  • I have been a customer of Capilia for 4 years. I look younger and healthier. I can't even tell you how many people have given me compliments – especially about how much younger I look. I am more confident and outgoing. I am no longer afraid to talk to new people, as before I was self-conscious that they were all looking at my thin hair. I would recommend hair restoration to anyone considering. I wish I would have done it sooner! I was so upset and depressed for many years about my thinning hair and nothing seemed to work – until I came to Capilia! I felt like new. More confident and a prettier person. This is supposed to be the way I should look! Younger and Happier!


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