We're not shy about saying that the Capilia approach makes us different from other hair studios. Trichology – the study of hair and scalp health – is what sets us apart. Traditional "hair replacement" is all about the effect of hair loss. That's one integral piece of the puzzle, but so is the cause. At Capilia Madison, we work on both the causes and effects of hair loss to give you real solutions that restore great hair and help you keep it for the long term. Our trichology approach creates a better experience for you, no matter what solution is right for you.

What's the first sign of a scalp problem? Usually a hair problem.

The average woman goes through life with her scalp hidden from view all of the time. Unless she develops dandruff or a severe skin condition, she's unlikely to even think about her scalp, let alone care for it. Unfortunately, the out-of-sight-out-of-mind approach to scalp care leads plenty of women to start troubleshooting hair problems instead of the scalp problems that cause them.

The Science of Solving Hair & Scalp Problems

Trichology is the not-so-secret ingredient that sets Capilia Madison and all Capilia affiliate studios apart from the rest of the hair-restoration industry. It's a specialized branch of dermatology devoted to the health of the hair and scalp. When you take a trichology approach to hair loss, you don't just replace hair. You have to address the biological mechanisms that impact hair growth, retention, and loss. Some might call this bad business and say that healing the scalp will put us out of work. We think it's the only way to work. Capilia hair studios are concerned with more than just numbers. We're dedicated to our clients' happiness and wellbeing. If we're able to solve your hair loss problem, we both win.

Healthy scalp. Healthy hair.

Some scalp problems actually cause hair to thin, while others make existing hair loss worse. Many people have scalp problems they don't even know about. That's why we do a thorough examination and analysis that leads us to the right answer for you. In your microscopic hair and scalp analysis, we'll get a clear view of exactly what's going on with your hair and skin. From there, we can rule out options and identify treatments that will get you real, visible results.

No matter what turns out to be the right answer for your hair loss, trichology will be part of the solution. At best we can reverse your hair loss by treating your scalp. At worst, we can improve the health of your scalp to promote growth and eliminate any harm it could do to your hair.



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  • I have been a customer of Capilia for 4 years. I look younger and healthier. I can't even tell you how many people have given me compliments – especially about how much younger I look. I am more confident and outgoing. I am no longer afraid to talk to new people, as before I was self-conscious that they were all looking at my thin hair. I would recommend hair restoration to anyone considering. I wish I would have done it sooner! I was so upset and depressed for many years about my thinning hair and nothing seemed to work – until I came to Capilia! I felt like new. More confident and a prettier person. This is supposed to be the way I should look! Younger and Happier!


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