Wig Boutique

No one leaves Capilia Madison with a wig straight out of a box. The key to a great wig is complete comfort, and the work we do in our wig boutique makes sure we get it right. First we find out your needs, try on wigs, take measurements, and make sure you get exactly the right one. Then we add style and flair that fits your face and looks totally natural.

Wig Boutique Rule of Thumb

Not every hair studio has a wig boutique, and no woman with thinning or damaged hair should ever go to a wig boutique that's inside a regular hair salon. A "fashion" wig from a regular salon or website is the one option for dealing with hair loss that you shouldn't need to try to rule out.

Wigs at Capilia Madison

Our wig boutique at Capilia Madison isn't a store where women buy wigs. It's a boutique where your new hair is matched to your needs and custom designed for you. We have over 70 unique wig options on premises for every age, lifestyle, and price point. Once we've found the most comfortable option that can deliver your personal style, we measure and order your wig just for you. When it comes in, we style it – right on your head so you can see, feel, and ask us to make changes to your new hair.

The Delight is in the Details

Every wig has to be customized to genuinely look natural. Every single one. There are just too many factors that depend completely on an individual's scalp contours, facial structure, physical features, skin color, and personal style. The most talented stylists can work miracles with low-quality wigs on a tight budget, but no high-quality product can save your hair from the work of an untrained or inexperienced stylist. For natural-looking hair with a wig, you need an experienced stylist.

We're Wig Experts

At Capilia Madison, solving hair loss is all that we do. Customizing gorgeous wigs is just one of the ways we deliver happiness to women experiencing hair loss. We're the only expert team in the Madison area offering a full array of scalp health and hair restoration options for both men and women, and we have been since 1994.

We'll help with wigs from anywhere.

If you have a wig need, problem, or style question, please reach out to us. It doesn't matter where you got your hair or how long you've had it. We can pick up at any point and get your hair back to looking its best in no time.



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  • I have been a customer of Capilia for 4 years. I look younger and healthier. I can't even tell you how many people have given me compliments – especially about how much younger I look. I am more confident and outgoing. I am no longer afraid to talk to new people, as before I was self-conscious that they were all looking at my thin hair. I would recommend hair restoration to anyone considering. I wish I would have done it sooner! I was so upset and depressed for many years about my thinning hair and nothing seemed to work – until I came to Capilia! I felt like new. More confident and a prettier person. This is supposed to be the way I should look! Younger and Happier!


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