Kamitek Hair Fibers

These natural, plant-based fibers bond to your hair to create instant fullness and volume. They can be used on any type of hair, even if you've had hair additions in the past. Kamitek provides a great instant and temporary solution, especially when you're still looking for a long-term answer to your hair loss.

Capilia is known for addressing hair loss at its cause, but that doesn't mean we ignore the effects. Kamitek Hair Fibers provide an innovative tool that can be used during any of the earlier stages of hair loss, by men and women, and with any type of hair. Kamitek Hair Fibers can even give you instant, natural-looking coverage during the time when you're still figuring out what to do about your hair loss.

A different type of "hair addition."

In some situations, you just need to make sure that no one sees your hair loss. Rather than adding actual or synthetic hair, Kamitek adds the appearance of natural hair. It does come in a bottle, but it's not a spray, paste or polish. The tiny plant-based fibers carry a negative electromagnetic charge that bonds with the positive charge of your hair. This creates a strong bond without adhesive, and it won't fall out or stain fabrics. The hair fibers give you instant density and volume, and they stay secure until you wash your hair.

So easy to apply, you won't need our help.

When you're in the Capilia Madison studio, we'll be happy to show you Kamitek in action. If you want to use the product, we'll match it perfectly to your hair and make sure you know how to achieve natural-looking coverage. But after that, you won't need us! It's an affordable, instant, secure, and natural-looking option that's guaranteed to work.

What's great about Kamitek?

  • Instant Results
  • 100% Natural Plant Fibers
  • 13 Natural Colors
  • Safe for the Scalp
  • Won't Clog Pores
  • Weather & Sweat Resistant

What Hair Fibers Won't Do

So why not just use Kamitek? Hair fibers solve the problem of other people seeing your hair loss, but they won't slow down or prevent future loss. While it's gentle on your hair and has antimicrobial properties, Kamitek doesn't treat hair loss. It works great for mild to moderate hair loss, but it becomes less effective as more hair is lost. No matter how well you're able to hide it, the first step toward dealing with thinning hair is to find out the cause. For all these reasons, it's crucial -- especially for women -- to find out what's causing your hair loss and to choose a long-term solution.



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  • I have been a customer of Capilia for 4 years. I look younger and healthier. I can't even tell you how many people have given me compliments – especially about how much younger I look. I am more confident and outgoing. I am no longer afraid to talk to new people, as before I was self-conscious that they were all looking at my thin hair. I would recommend hair restoration to anyone considering. I wish I would have done it sooner! I was so upset and depressed for many years about my thinning hair and nothing seemed to work – until I came to Capilia! I felt like new. More confident and a prettier person. This is supposed to be the way I should look! Younger and Happier!


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