Comfort Program

Losing your hair because of chemotherapy or radiation isn't about hair loss. It's a unique experience that no one who hasn't been through it can truly understand. The comfort program is an all-inclusive program that starts when you learn you'll be losing your hair and ends after all your hair has grown back. We bring together all the materials, treatments, products, and support that you'll need during the time when you're going through medical hair loss. Transitioning into and out of a wig or other option of your choosing is an important part of the Comfort Program, but that's just the beginning.

Women can find resources for medical hair loss.

In recent years, America seems to be talking more about Cancer. One element that seems to be overlooked in most discussions is that medical treatments, especially for Cancer, often cause women to lose their hair. Fortunately, a few different entities within the women's hair loss community have created programs to help women cope with the devastating impact of medical hair loss. Capilia is proud to be among the resources trusted by women to ease the transition through hair loss and regrowth.

Comfort Every Step of the Way

Getting a wig is a common step for many women during hair loss related to chemotherapy, cranial radiation, or other medical treatments. While replacing hair is an important part of the process, we know that the journey starts well before a wig is chosen. The Capilia Comfort Program is designed to be there for women as soon as possible after finding out they'll be losing their hair. It extends throughout the experience until new hair has fully grown back.

In addition to a completely customized wig, replacement hair, or other solution, we offer guidance to help you transition seamlessly from one stage to another. This can minimize the likelihood of loved ones noticing the change. We help you care for your new hair, and also for your scalp, which can become sensitive during treatment. We accompany you BEFORE, DURING and AFTER your treatments with all-inclusive treatments, products and peace of mind.

Our Comfort Program includes:

  • Guidance so you know what to expect
  • A haircut that will better prepare you for hair loss
  • Comfortable new personalized hair
  • Fitting, cutting, styling, and reconditioning
  • Three treatments to soothe your scalp and encourage regrowth
  • Help choosing scarves, turbans, hats, or any other accessories you're interested in wearing
  • A complete at-home care kit for your hair and scalp
  • Complete privacy, individual focus, and experienced staff who will support you with resources, knowledge, and understanding


Capilia Madison offers a FREE & fully confidential hair and scalp evaluation. Come in to Capilia Madison to find out your hair’s potential to look great.

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  • I feel great out in public and I am not self-conscious about my thinning hair anymore! My family and friends could not believe how natural it looked. I look good and I feel good. It took me a long time to take this step. I tried so many other products and wasted so much money. What I have now is so natural and like my own hair. I don't ever regret the decision – it gave me my life back.


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