Trapeze Hair Replacement

Trapeze Hair Replacement is a Capilia-exclusive system that fills the gap exposed by thinning hair. This harmless system won't hurt your growing hair and is great for hair loss that appears as a general thinning in the front, on top, or over the entire scalp. Like our other methods for adding hair, Trapeze lets us completely customize your color, texture, and style.

Bridging the Gap

Trapeze Hair Replacement is a unique women's hair replacement program designed by Capilia to fill in hard-to-address areas of hair loss for women. Specifically meant for placement near and across the top of the head, Trapeze gets amazing natural-looking results for general thinning and diffuses loss, even if it's over the entire scalp. The system adds new hair to patches where your natural hair is thinning. Bald spots are eliminated and the new hair blends perfectly with your natural color, texture, and style. Trapeze is semi-permanent, so it requires little maintenance and can be left in and styled right along with your existing hair.

Your Opinion Matters

At Capilia Madison, we have many great solutions. We have even more respect for your needs and preferences. We're excited to share our unique options with you, but we're even more interested in understanding the results you want and creating the program that delivers them. When you visit us for your initial hair and scalp consultation, be sure to tell us how you feel. Your opinion matters to us.



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  • I'm still getting many compliments on my hair. I've never been happier.  No one to this day, except my husband and daughter, know I wear a wig. It was a wish come true!


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