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The Natural Answer to Hair Loss

Think you know what to expect from a hair restoration studio? We’ve created a positive, supportive atmosphere unlike any other that you’ll find in Wisconsin. Some of our clients drive from neighboring states, and a few have been working with us for more than 27 years! The personality of Capilia Madison is upbeat, flexible, caring, and professional. We’re real people solving real hair problems, and we’ll be delighted to help you love your hair again.

The Capilia network is internationally renowned for delivering all-natural hair loss solutions that get real results. Our beautiful studio gives you the privacy and support to explore a personalized program of hair and scalp treatments that are backed by sound science. We work to stabilize the biological causes of hair loss while at the same time improving the appearance of your existing hair. At Capilia Madison, you will be heard, informed, and empowered to take control over your hair loss.

Why Trust Our Company

Our Care is Rooted in The Cause of Hair Loss

Capilia Madison (then called Winner’s Circle) was the first Capilia affiliate studio in the United States. Today there are nearly 50. By combining a personal, small-studio atmosphere with the resources of this expansive co-op, we’re bringing our local clients a better approach to hair loss. We’re Capilia-certified trichologists specializing in hair and scalp health. That means we start with you, not with products. We hope that our commitment to truly solving hair problems shines through from the first time you contact us.


No hair loss feels good, and we’re here to increase your comfort in every possible way. Every aspect of our unique, dedicated hair studio has been considered to improve your experience. All conversations are held in private consultation rooms, and treatments are conducted in complete privacy behind closed doors. Even if you’re just coming in to ask a question, your visit is confidential.


Some hair studios only carry one line of hair loss products, and regular salons have even less to offer than that. As a studio devoted 100% to managing hair loss, we have the time and resources to give you flexible service. In addition to Capilia’s industry-leading solutions, we also make use of innovative products that are proven to achieve results. We take a holistic approach to solving hair loss, so you can expect a flexible custom program that evolves over time based on your unique progress.


As a local Capilia affiliate, we have the opportunity to bring you world-class products and treatments at reasonable Madison prices. Your hair has to work for your life and your budget or we won’t be able to call it a success. No one can maximize your results at any budget like Capilia Madison can.


Dan Brummel has made our studio Wisconsin’s leading choice for non-surgical hair replacement options by setting impeccably high standards. They personally guide each client’s individual hair restoration program to ensure that results are consistently delivered. Thanks to continued investment in their own education and that of their team, Capilia Madison is able to bring you highly competitive pricing along with the highest quality in the industry.


We’re highly trained stylists who receive ongoing education constantly. We’re also specialists certified in Trichology. Most importantly, we’re real, down-to-earth people. This combination equips us to deliver the absolute best results for your hair loss and lifestyle.


There. We said it. We know that hair loss isn’t fun for anyone — far from it. But the time you spend in our studio shouldn’t be filled with dread or regret. Your visits are about taking action, about finding real solutions, and about getting the support you need to neutralize the impact hair loss has on your life. We don’t just want to make you smile. We want to make you ecstatic.

About the Owner

About Dan Brummel

Dan Brummel is accustomed to doing things his way, and that’s great news for his clients at Capilia Madison.

It Started With Winner’s Circle

Dan’s career started in the Navy, and after a 3-year apprenticeship he branched out on his first entrepreneurial venture. He served all clients personally from early in the morning to late into the night from his one-chair studio in Watertown, Wisconsin. That salon was known as Beau Brummel Hair Designs. His second salon opened a few years later, Hair Expressions, and in 1994 Dan opened Winners Circle Hair Replacement here in Madison, now known as Capilia.

Change Came April 1, 1994

Dan was always intrigued by hair restoration, but it wasn’t until April 1, 1994 that he formally changed the focus of his salon. He’s dedicated his time to solving hair loss problems ever since, and it’s been such a rewarding experience that he regards April 1st as an unofficial holiday. Dan established himself as a forerunner in the field of hair replacement by maintaining a close relationship and clear lines of communication with his clients. Always open to feedback, he constantly adjusts his techniques and pursues education to incorporate new developments.

Capilia Brought The Studio Full Circle

Traditional Hair Restoration never sat quite right with Dan. It seemed like the whole industry was preoccupied with adding hair artificially. No one was giving hair and scalp health the attention it deserved. In his search for more natural answers to hair loss, he discovered Capilia, which at the time was only located in Canada. Dan embraced Capilia’s commitment to Trichology and built from it a holistic approach to hair restoration. His was the first studio in the United States to become a Capilia affiliate, and he’s been delighting clients with real results ever since.

Dan Keeps It All Together

It’s Dan’s vision that makes Capilia Madison a great place to work, receive treatment, or just visit. You can bring a friend to our studio for support or enjoy complete confidentiality. Whatever makes you feel comfortable is what matters to our team. If you’re still feeling skeptical about your hair loss and don’t know what to do, talk to Dan. He’ll get you the answers you need.

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Ready to learn more about custom solutions to address your thinning hair? Capilia Madison has the experience, the compassion, and the winning lineup of products you’ve been searching for. We’d love to tell you more about our approach to hair restoration, or to begin the process of helping you find a solution that’s right for you. Join us in our Madison, WI studio space today and let’s start the process. We’ll sit down in a private, relaxed setting and talk together about your hair loss needs. Contact Capilia Madison today to schedule an appointment for your hair restoration consultation.

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We’re proud to be Madison’s only trichology-certified studio completely devoted to correcting hair loss for men and women. We care about your hair loss. We’re here for you before, while, and after your hair is restored.