Hair Extensions & Hair Toppers for Women

Women experience hair loss for different reasons—and at different extremes. For example, some of the women we meet have major hair loss all across their scalp. For other women, the hair loss is fairly minimal, and may be concentrated on the back or sides of the head. We are pleased to help women no matter the scope of their hair loss, and for clients in this second category, that may mean offering human hair extensions or human hair toppers. We are proud to provide these products at Capilia Madison.

But what are hair extensions and hair toppers, exactly? These are hair pieces that are woven into your naturally-growing hair, seamlessly integrated to be indistinguishable from your “regular” hair. Basically, extensions and toppers provide a little bit of extra volume or length, and they can help cover areas where your hair has gotten thinner. In other words, they augment the hair that you have, giving you the fullness you crave.

Some clients ask us about the difference between extensions and toppers. The main difference is that toppers tend to be worn at the very top of the head, while extensions are woven in elsewhere. Both can be meaningful solutions for women in the early stages of hair loss.

There are a number of reasons why women might choose human hair extensions and toppers. They are completely secure and comfortable, and as you wear them, you’ll never worry about them “coming loose.” Also note that maintenance for extensions and toppers is fairly minimal. We can help you with all of it here at Capilia Madison, ensuring your extensions always look their very best. Extensions and toppers come in an endless spectrum of styles, colors, textures, and lengths—and at Capilia Madison, we only offer products from the world’s top brands. We can help you identify the extensions and toppers that best fit your sense of style and will offer the most seamless integration with your growing hair. As you consider your hair loss needs and wonder whether extensions or toppers might be right for you, your first step should be scheduling a consultation with Capilia Madison. In a relaxed and one-on-one setting, we’ll talk with you about your needs, evaluate your scalp, answer questions, and help you make an informed decision—without any pressure.

At Capilia Madison, we’re known for our commitment to high-end products, and that includes extensions that we’ve tested thoroughly and know to be the absolute best of the best.

We’re known for our friendly customer service and our low-pressure mentality; we simply want to help you feel comfortable, to walk you through your options, and to help you in whatever way we can.

The goal is always very simple: We want our clients to enjoy a full and healthy head of hair—to look and feel like themselves again—without the need for surgical intervention. For some clients, that can be achieved through extensions.

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For many of our clients, human hair extensions and human hair toppers provide a natural way to augment growing hair and achieve greater fullness, volume, and length. We are proud to provide hair toppers and extensions from some of the world’s top brands, and we can help clients find extension products that perfectly integrate with their growing hair. To learn more about the value of these products, please don’t hesitate to contact us today in our Madison, WI studio. We’d love to chat with you in a relaxed, one-on-one setting. Make an appointment for your scalp analysis and consultation by contacting Capilia Madison today.


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