Hair Salon Services

About Our Hair Salon Services

Capilia Madison wouldn’t be full-service without a stellar salon! Our talented team backs up our hair restoration solutions with world-class styling. We are masterful specialists continuously trained in the art of styling natural hair and hair additions. Our hair salon services is 100% dedicated to creating and maintaining beautiful, completely natural looking hair for men and women experiencing hair loss and thinning hair. We provide a full suite of salon services, and our focus is devoted exclusively to serving individuals with hair loss.

A Dedicated Private Salon

The salon experience at Capilia Madison is both unique and familiar. It’s unique in that all services are provided in complete privacy, in your own separate styling room. Our services are set apart by the expertise and skill of our stylists. The experience is comfortably familiar because our atmosphere is up-scale yet lighthearted. You can take it easy while being pampered by our friendly staff. You will quickly come to know everyone on our team.
  • Highly Trained Professionals
  • Affordable Prices
  • Finding Real Solutions
  • Certified Trained Stylists
Hair Salon Services

The Best of Both Worlds

Thanks to our affiliation with the Capilia co-op, our local studio enjoys the resources of a huge international operation. We have the support of Capilia, access to their products, and training by the most innovative minds in hair loss prevention and hair restoration. Our team leverages these resources every day to the benefit of our Madison clients.

Start Here, Wind Up Happy

If you haven’t found the answer to your hair loss, you can expect our stylists to do more with your hair than you’ve seen from other hair salon services. If you do have hair additions, you should plan for consistently better style with an extra surprise or two. You will receive more focus and attention than you’ll find at other studios, along with complete respect. We are dedicated to your happiness, so we hope you’ll let us know if we’ve achieved it.

Scalp Treatments

Your Hair Starts at Your Scalp

You can’t have healthy hair without a healthy scalp. Unfortunately, it can be hard to notice scalp problems. Unless hair loss has advanced to a significant level, your scalp stays hidden most of the time. Conditions in the scalp actually play a very active role in hair loss. If you’re ready to do something about your thinning hair, it’s time to give your scalp some TLC.

A Complete Scalp-Treatment System

Depending on your unique needs, we may recommend that you use up to three separate formulas to treat your scalp. When used in an individually designed program, these scalp treatments can relieve the symptoms of unpleasant scalp conditions and stabilize or delay thinning. It’s crucial to get treatment at the earliest signs of a scalp ailment, so schedule a consultation right away if you’ve noticed a problem.

Specialized Care Just For Your Scalp

You might think that you’ve been caring for your scalp by using fortifying hair products, but that’s not usually the case. Most products are formulated for the hair shaft and have little benefit for the skin. Capilia’s scalp health line was specifically developed to address the scalp factors that contribute to hair loss.

A Trichology Focused Studio

Trichology, a special branch of dermatology focused on hair and scalp health, guides our work at Capilia Madison. As a matter of fact, trichology certification is required of any stylist who wants to offer Capilia’s solutions to his or her clients. Our team fully embraces this natural and science-based approach to hair loss correction. By treating the scalp as a factor that impacts the hair, we can more definitively isolate the cause of hair loss. We can also improve scalp health to prevent future hair loss, stimulate new growth, and strengthen existing hair.

Schedule an Appointment

In our Madison, WI salon, we can provide you with the scalp care and trichology-based services you need to maintain a full, healthy head of hair. And, we can offer the hair salon services such as styling, cutting, and grooming services you need to look and feel your absolute best. Ready to meet your new stylist, or to make an appointment with your normal hairstyling pro?

Give us a call today. We’re always ready to meet with clients about their hair loss needs, to talk with them about preserving scalp health, to offer maintenance for their custom hair system, and beyond. Reach out to Capilia Madison now!