Hair Restoration Systems for Men

There’s more than one way to cope with thinning hair. For men whose hair loss is more extreme or more advanced, a male hair system may be just the right solution. Here at Capilia Madison, we’re pleased to offer men’s hair systems tailored to meet your needs and fit with your lifestyle. We invite you to join us in our Madison, WI studio to learn more.

When you join us for a consultation, we’ll talk with you about your hair loss needs and help you locate the solution that’s right for you. For many men, this will be a custom hair system. If that’s the route you choose, we’ll take some measurements and ensure a system that fits you snugly and securely.

The important thing to know is that men’s hair systems are always totally customized. In other words, your hair system will be made for you and you alone. If you still have some healthy hair growth on your head, your hair system can be integrated with your growing hair, allowing for a truly seamless look.

Your men’s hair system begins with a super-thin membrane, made to fit the contours of your scalp and feel like a second skin. Into this membrane, we insert or weave hundreds of individual human hairs. The membrane is then adhered snugly and comfortably to your scalp, using non-surgical adhesives.

From there, our team will ensure that your hair system provides you with the style and appearance you desire. We can cut, color, and style the hair however you like, and offer you total control over the volume, texture, length, and even the direction of your new hair.

There are a number of reasons why men’s hair systems are so popular. One is that they look completely natural, right down to the hairline itself; nobody will be able to tell that you’re wearing a hair system. Additionally, we can ensure that your hair system accommodates your lifestyle. Do you like to run, bike, or swim regularly? Not a problem. Custom men’s hair systems can be made to withstand any level of exercise or athletics.

Maintenance is easy, too. Men who wear systems will need to visit us in our studio space once every few weeks for some adjustments, just like you might come in for a regular hair cut appointment.

But of course, the main reason to choose a male hair system is that it allows you to once again enjoy a full, healthy, and natural-looking head of hair in the style of your choosing—without the need for surgical intervention. It is a comprehensive and lasting solution to hair loss, and it gives a lot of our male clients a real sense of hope.

Men's Hair Restoration Systems

There are a number of potential causes for men’s hair loss—but no matter why you’re losing your hair, and no matter how extreme the hair loss, there are always effective solutions on the table. You can look and feel like yourself again, without the need for a hair transplant. Hair systems for men may provide you with just the level of customization you’ve been seeking.

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Are You Ready to Learn More?

Are you ready to learn more about men’s hair systems, and to find out for yourself whether a male hair system is right for you? We’d love to chat with you whenever you’re ready. To start the process, schedule an appointment with us in our Madison, WI studio space today. You’ll get to speak one-on-one with one of our stylists in a low-key, relaxed setting. We’ll answer your questions, discuss different options, and point you toward some potential next steps. We can also perform a brief scalp analysis, with your permission. Schedule an appointment for your hair loss consultation today.


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