Hair Restoration Systems for Women

Women whose hair loss is more advanced or comprehensive may look to the female hair system as their best solution. We are proud to provide hair systems for women here at Capilia Madison.

The most important thing to know about these women’s hair systems is that they are completely customizable; in fact, your hair system will be made for you and no one else! Our stylists will carefully measure your scalp and ensure a hair system that fits snugly, securely, and comfortable. From there we will create a super-thin membrane, adhered to your scalp without the need for surgical intervention. It feels like a second skin, and you’ll quickly forget you’re wearing it.

Into the membrane our stylists either weave or inject strands of human hair—one by one. This hair is of the highest quality, and we even have virgin hair available. We can then cut, color, and style it to your liking.

Custom women’s hair systems can be made to keep up with your athletic lifestyle, and they come with minimal maintenance requirements. Best of all, your hair system will give you a full, healthy, natural-looking head of hair once more, allowing you to feel fully confident in yourself.

Hair Integration

Hair integration is one of the ways that we create full coverage instantly in just one visit. The way your integration gets attached depends completely on your unique hair loss, but the results are consistently stunning. Hair Integration is a totally custom and low-maintenance way to achieve women’s hair loss correction. Hair integration is a broad name that covers several options for adding new hair amidst your existing hair. Many salons and studios offer hair integration, but if you have female hair loss, it’s incredibly important that you get your integration from a hair-loss specialist. Only stylists experienced with hair additions can tap into the potential offered by professional-grade hair integrations. In unskilled hands, an integration can match poorly, give away your hair addition, or even cause damage to your hair.

An Alternative That Creates
Serious Style

Women with advanced hair loss can enjoy incredible benefits thanks to professional hair integrations. These custom additions provide complete coverage in areas that are hard to resolve with extensions. They’re great when you have significant hair loss but prefer not to wear a wig. Integrations provide fullness, volume, and versatility that our stylists can show you how to maximize.

With hair integrations, you choose:
  • The hair, how it's treated, and what it's made of
  • How much hair to add
  • How your new hair will be attached
  • How your hair is styled
  • How long you want to keep the integration in place
Since we’re a Capilia affiliate, you can expect something extra from our approach to hair integration. The things that come standard are fantastic Remy human hair and manmade hair options, a variety of gentle attachment methods, and completely custom results. We go above and beyond ordinary integrations by considering the health of your scalp and hair, now and in the future. No part of your hair integration will hurt your existing hair or make it fall out. If possible, we’ll tell you ways to prevent future hair loss and retain as much of your growing hair as possible. We’re here to make you truly happy, and that doesn’t stop with delivering great hair.
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Are You Ready to Learn More?

Are you ready to learn more about women’s hair restoration systems? These long-lasting, non-surgical solutions rank among our most popular treatments, and we’re always excited to sit down with clients and talk with them about the benefits of getting their own female hair system. To begin the process, come meet us in our warm, welcoming studio space for a one-on-one consultation. We’ll perform a scalp analysis, answer your questions, and help you choose which hair system is best for you. Contact us in Madison, WI today to schedule an appointment with us. This consultation will be your first step toward total hair restoration.


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We’re proud to be Madison’s only trichology-certified studio completely devoted to correcting hair loss for men and women. We care about your hair loss. We’re here for you before, while, and after your hair is restored.