Causes of Men’s Hair Loss

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How Can My Hair Loss Be Stopped?

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As soon as your hair starts thinning, the pressure starts. Pressure to stop it, to hide it, to figure out what’s wrong, and to make the right decision as fast as possible. It’s a race against the clock.

Let's Cut to the Chase

The truth is, solving hair loss means getting personal. Even though more than 90% of men are losing their hair because of male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia), there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The cause, the pattern, the realistic solutions, and the results all depend on you. The only way we can give you the results you need is to first thoroughly understand them. That’s about you, not about all the ways we can add hair.
Can Hair Loss Be Stopped

We Make This as Easy as It Can Possibly Be

Capilia Madison is not in the business of selling hair systems. It’s not about numbers for us. We’re in the business of making people happy. The real goal for us isn’t just to send you out with more hair than you came in with. It’s to give you the fullness, style, color, texture, and natural look that restores your confidence. It’s to give you comfort that feels like the real thing and works with who you are. It’s to make sure that, when you look in the mirror, the person looking back at you matches the way you picture yourself. It’s to surprise and delight you.

Knowing is Half the Battle

The better you understand hair, how it grows, and why yours has stopped, the better equipped you’ll be to make decisions. We give you all the resources and information, but the decision is ultimately yours. You can work with a team that wants you to understand what’s going on, or you can go with a company that says they know what’s best for you. That’s the first decision you have to make. Lots of local clients come to Capilia Madison after they’ve tried the places with a bigger name. Those studios left them still searching. Once they find us, they stay with us.

Do Your Future Self a Favor

Don’t get ripped off. Don’t waste your money. Don’t try all the wrong things before you find your answer. Just choose your hair studio after you’ve had a consultation at Capilia Madison. If we’re not the right studio for you, you’ll have lost an hour confirming your decision. But if we’re the right studio, you’ll know exactly what you could have lost by going with the other guys.

What Causes Men's Hair Loss?

Hair loss is simpler for men than for women. That doesn’t make it any easier, but it does narrow down the number of things you need to research.


This is male pattern baldness, and it’s about genetics and androgens. Androgenetic alopecia causes 95% of male hair loss. At a certain age, in men genetically predisposed to lose their hair, testosterone starts to combine with an enzyme, and this reaction creates DHT (dihydrotestosterone). When DHT builds up in the scalp, it harms hair follicles, causes them to shrink, and eventually stops hair from growing. This happens at the follicular level, and not all follicles are equally effected. That’s why hair loss usually starts at the hairline and follows a familiar pattern, leaving a ring of hair behind. We have several ways to fight androgenetic alopecia and DHT, and their effectiveness depends on you. The only way to be sure which solutions will work is to do a thorough microscopic hair and scalp analysis, along with an interview.


Thinning hair caused by Seborrheic Hypersecretion can look a lot like male pattern baldness, but it’s quite different. Put simply, this is a condition in which the sebaceous glands in the scalp produce far too much oil due to an imbalance. The hyperactive glands create an oily coating that cuts off nutrition to the hair follicles and essentially suffocates them. Untreated Seborrheic Hypersecretion is just as dangerous for hair follicles as androgenetic alopecia, but its progression is much easier to prevent. If the opportunity to retain your hair hasn’t been motivating enough to make you schedule a hair and scalp consultation, the possibility your hair loss could be caused by Seborrheic Hypersecretion should be!

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A great many factors including stress, hormones, and vitamin deficiencies can cause male hair loss. The vast majority of men will simply confirm sooner or later that they’re fighting androgenetic alopecia, but the cause of hair loss should never be assumed. Thinning hair can actually be one of the early symptoms of some far more serious conditions, so it’s always best to nail down your cause for sure. If you’re not sure what’s at the root of your hair loss, schedule your consultation at Capilia Madison today.

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