Wigs for Women

Some women want one go-to look, while others enjoy the mystique of multiple, dramatically different styles. Either way, we want you to leave Capilia Madison with more than just a wig. Our wig specialists have expertise working with wigs, and they consider your daily life, your sense of style, and your budget in order to recommend realistic options that will work for you.

Comfort for Everyone

At Capilia Madison, women expecting hair loss due to chemotherapy, radiation, or another medical treatment can find full-service resources to help through every step in the process. Our wigs, however, aren’t only for medical hair loss. Whether you’re losing your hair to alopecia, hair pulling, or biological factors, we’ll help you find the wig that gives you ultimate comfort.

Customization is Key

If you ever go to a hair studio that tries to send you out the door with a wig straight from a box, run. And leave the wig. Wig customization goes way beyond choosing the right brand, color, and length. We start by finding out what you need, what’s important to you, and what your wig will go through in your day-to-day life. We take precise measurements to ensure your wig is exactly the right size to fit the contours of your scalp. We make decisions based on the shape of your face, your favorite styles, and what you do each day. Once it’s been ordered and received, we fit, cut, and style your wig. We finish by making sure you know how to make it look undeniably natural at home.

We Help You Choose the Right Wig

Real or synthetic? Long or short? Lace or membrane? There’s no shortage of wig options these days, even when you’re only considering the highest quality product lines. Women-specific hair restoration hasn’t been on the scene as long as men’s, but wig designers have certainly made up for lost time.

Human Hair Wigs

Different women have different hair loss needs—and at Capilia Madison, we can always help find the right solution. For some women, that solution may be a wig—simple, elegant, and timeless. Women have been using wigs to manage the effects of hair loss for centuries, and a high-quality wig still provides a stylish way to conceal thinning hair. We invite you to learn more about the wigs we offer here in our Madison, WI studio.

Women choose wigs for a number of reasons. Often, the clients who ask about wigs are undergoing some form of medical treatment that’s causing their hair to thin—such as chemotherapy or radiation. Meanwhile, other women choose wigs simply because they are fashionable, and because they are an easy way to cope with thinning hair.

One of the most important steps in choosing a wig is having measurements taken. This helps you be certain that you get a wig that fits comfortably and securely. Our stylists are eager to guide you toward the perfect human hair wig.

Capilia Madison offers women’s wigs from some of the most celebrated wig makers in the world. We keep many wigs here in our studio, and if you don’t see exactly what you want, we can get it for you. Our human hair wigs come in a full spectrum of styles, so whether you want to replicate your natural look or try something bold and new, we can accommodate.

Wigs can be a great solution for many women, but that doesn’t mean they’re for everyone. As you consider your options and try to determine how best to address thinning hair, our stylists are standing ready to advise you. We’d love to show you our selection of wigs while also chatting with you about some of the other hair loss solutions we can provide.

If you do select a wig, our stylists will do the measurements to be sure your wig fits you snugly and securely. We’re also available to help you style or maintain your wig however you see fit. The bottom line for us is that we want to see our clients feel totally confident in their chosen hair restoration solutions—and that includes human hair wigs.

Synthetic Hair Wigs

Women’s wigs are nothing new. For centuries, they have provided a simple, elegant solution to female hair loss. And yet, the artistry and craft of wig making have evolved considerably. Today, there are a number of beautiful and completely natural-looking wig options for women, including both human hair and synthetic wigs. We’re happy to provide this range of wigs here at our Madison, WI studio.

We recommend synthetic wig non-surgical hair loss solutions for all kinds of clients. Most commonly, these options are embraced by women whose hair loss is sudden, and typically medically induced—due to chemotherapy or radiation therapy, for instance. But these wigs look great on anybody, and we have a lot of clients show an interest in synthetic wigs purely for reasons of fashion.

In choosing a wig, one of the most important steps is having measurements taken, ensuring you get a wig that fits snugly and securely. Our stylists are experts in wig fittings, and we’re always happy to meet with you and guide you toward the perfect synthetic or human hair wig.

We can also show you a wide range of wigs, including wigs in all colors, textures, and styles. Synthetic hair technology has come such a long way that it both looks and feels completely natural, and is indistinguishable from human hair. We’re proud to offer synthetic wigs from some of the world’s top hair labs and wig makers. We have a number of wigs available here in our salon, and if you don’t see exactly what you want, we can always order it for you.

No woman wants to deal with hair loss, not for any reason—and thankfully, there are always solutions available. The wig is one of the simplest, but also one of the most satisfying. To learn more about beautiful, high-quality synthetic wigs, we encourage you to meet with us in Madison, WI at your convenience.

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The important thing to know when you come to Capilia Madison is that comfort and quality matter most to us. We carry only the most breathable, well-constructed, and reliable wigs on the market. We’ll help you decide the right wig based on your unique sense of style, the sensitivity of your scalp, the pace of your daily life, and your budget. You’ll know you’ve found it when you feel excited, surprised, and like you don’t want to take your wig off. Come in for your consultation in Madison, WI.


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