We're not shy about saying that the Capilia approach makes us different from other hair studios. Trichology – the study of hair and scalp health – is what sets us apart. Traditional "hair replacement" is all about the effect of hair loss. That's one integral piece of the puzzle, but so is the cause. At Capilia Madison, we work on both the causes and effects of hair loss to give you real solutions that restore great hair and help you keep it for the long term. Our trichology approach creates a better experience for you, no matter what solution is right for you.

The average man and woman goes through life with their scalp hidden from view all of the time. Unless you develops dandruff or a severe skin condition, you are unlikely to even think about your scalp, let alone care for it. Unfortunately, the out-of-sight-out-of-mind approach to scalp care leads plenty of men and women to start troubleshooting hair problems instead of the scalp problems that cause them.