Why Women Shouldn’t Wait To Do Something About Their Hair Loss

Female Hair Loss
February 18, 2020

Hair loss can be alarming and emotional for the women who are experiencing it. Whether it appears in the form of an ever-widening part, a patch of the scalp that seems to suddenly appear, or a clump of hair in the shower, the time to act is the moment you notice it. Don’t wait, because though female hair loss is fairly common, it can occur for a number of reasons, and the sooner you seek help, the more solutions you will find available to you. Discovering the reason behind your hair loss is the first step to finding the ideal solution and preventing further hair loss.

Common Reasons for Female Hair Loss

Female hair loss has a variety of causes from excess styling to medication, vitamin deficiency to hormone imbalances, stress to illness, and more. Whatever the cause of your hair loss, addressing it early can lead to better, more effective solutions, and even help prevent further hair loss. Some hair loss is normal as your hair goes through the natural growth/shedding cycle. Other types of hair loss are temporary, but the key to preventing more hair loss and finding the right solution likes in catching hair loss early and discovering the underlying cause.

If your hair loss is a result of low iron and a lack of vitamin D, supplements are often the solution to stop hair loss and get your hair growing again. If your hair loss is hormonal – occurring during/following pregnancy or menopause, it is likely temporary. For hormonal imbalances, such as those caused by thyroid conditions, medication to regulate thyroid function may be the solution. When starting new medications (blood pressure, antidepressants, birth control, and steroids) as well as cancer treatments you may experience hair loss which in most cases is temporary. Even trauma, such as illness or surgery, can result in hair loss.

Another common cause of hair loss in women in females pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) which occurs in nearly 40 percent of all women as they enter their middle years. But, in nearly every case of female hair loss, catching it early on and taking action can mean preventing further hair loss and access to effective solutions, which in some cases can regrow new hair!

Uncovering the Cause of Hair Loss

Regardless of the cause or the extent of hair loss, there are solutions available to treat hair loss. Once you notice hair loss, two questions likely come to mind – “Why is this happening and how can I stop it?” The truth is both are normal questions, but stopping your hair loss begins with finding the cause. Just as every woman is unique, so is the cause of each woman’s hair loss. Finding the cause, as soon as you begin to notice greater than normal hair loss, is important.

A professional hair studio, like Capilia Madison, can help. During a private, personal consultation, a microscopic evaluation of your hair and scalp will be performed to determine the cause of your hair thinning or loss. Once the reason for your hair loss is determined, a custom plan, which includes proven treatments and solutions, will be developed to address your hair loss.

Reasons for Female Hair Loss
Best Hair Restoration Solution

Finding The Best Hair Restoration Solution

The goal behind seeking a cause for your hair loss right away is there are a number of solutions that don’t include invasive procedures which can give you the full, beautiful head of hair you desire. Professionally crafted wigs, extensions, and toppers are often the answer for temporary hair loss associated with medical treatments and can provide you with a simple, yet beautiful solution until your hair growth cycle returns to normal.

Custom hair systems are another popular and effective option. Hair systems are made exclusively for each individual and provide a full, natural look in any color, texture, style, length, and volume you select. Hair systems are custom-fitted and made to meet even the most active and demanding lifestyles.

Depending on the reason behind your hair loss, hair regrowth may also be an option, especially among women who seek early treatment. In many instances, hair loss is the result of an unhealthy scalp or follicle condition, and resolution of those issues may result in new hair growth. Trichology, the field of dermatology focused on the scalp, can restore your skin and follicle health, often encouraging new growth.

In addition, topical thickening and hair regrowth products which have been tested and proven are available to heal your scalp and strengthen your follicles, often resulting in new healthy hair growth.

Laser hair therapy is another option that uses low levels of laser light to stimulate dormant hair follicles with new blood flow which may induce new hair growth. Again, starting treatment as soon as you notice hair loss often means more effective hair regrowth options.

At Capilia Madison, we care about you and your hair and would love to talk to you about the hair loss solutions available to you. Call on our professional, caring team today and schedule your FREE consultation and uncover the solution to your hair loss. Remember, taking the first step early means access to proven solutions for your hair loss.

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