Some women want one go-to look, while others enjoy the mystique of multiple, dramatically different styles. Either way, we want you to leave Capilia Madison with more than just a wig. Our wig specialists have expertise working with wigs, and they consider your daily life, your sense of style, and your budget in order to recommend realistic options that will work for you.

Comfort for Everyone

At Capilia Madison, women expecting hair loss due to chemotherapy, radiation, or another medical treatment can find full-service resources to help through every step in the process. Our wigs, however, aren't only for medical hair loss. Whether you're losing your hair to alopecia, hair pulling, or biological factors, we'll help you find the wig that gives you ultimate comfort.

Customization is Key

If you ever go to a hair studio that tries to send you out the door with a wig straight from a box, run. And leave the wig. Wig customization goes way beyond choosing the right brand, color, and length. We start by finding out what you need, what's important to you, and what your wig will go through in your day-to-day life. We take precise measurements to ensure your wig is exactly the right size to fit the contours of your scalp. We make decisions based on the shape of your face, your favorite styles, and what you do each day. Once it's been ordered and received, we fit, cut, and style your wig. We finish by making sure you know how to make it look undeniably natural at home.

We Help You Choose the Right Wig

Real or synthetic? Long or short? Lace or membrane? There's no shortage of wig options these days, even when you're only considering the highest quality product lines. Women-specific hair restoration hasn't been on the scene as long as men's, but wig designers have certainly made up for lost time.