Dan Brummel Attends International Hair Loss Conference

Dan Brummel at International Hair Loss Conference
April 7, 2015

Continuing education is important to Dan Brummel, who is always seeking the newest advances in hair styling, hair loss treatments and technology to share with his clients in Madison, WI.

In February, Dan Brummel attends the Hair Visions International Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. International hair artist, David Lopez, demonstrated several fashion styles for both men and women. Moti Deri demonstrated men’s full head bonding and Michael Diebold showcased the newest line of TressAllure Wigs.

Low-Level Lasers have been getting much publicity for use in hair growth. Hair Visions also demonstrated 3-D technology used to design hair replacement, ensuring accurate measurement of the scalp with all the indentations and shape.

I feel much better about myself and look younger. I am happy with the way I look, so I feel good and feel more confident. My advice is that if you are considering hair restoration – try it! You will look better, feel better and look much younger.”


While in Florida, Dan also met with the executives of the international organization based in Canada, Capilia. Madison was the first US hair loss studio to become affiliated with Capilia and now there are over 50 US associates. Capilia offers a full line of holistic hair loss treatment products.

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“There’s always something new to learn” says, Dan Brummel, owner of Capilia Madison “and having the opportunity to network with hair loss specialists from around the world puts a new perspective on what I do every day. It’s rewarding to know that I can change people’s lives by expanding my knowledge and talents.”

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